Website Setup Guide

Your New IDX Website

First, let's navigate to your amazing new idx site and get you logged in and set a secure password.

You should have received an email with the login details and a link to your new site.

Be sure to check your spam if you don't see the email at first.

Everyone's default website URL will usually be their first name and last name initial, for example:


FYI - We can always setup a custom domain for you that will completely mask this default URL. For example, the above URL could become

We'll cover this process later on in the guide.

Logging In

In order to login all you have to do is add a "/login" to the end of your domain.

Be sure to bookmark that login page so you can find it later, even though it's super easy to remember.

We don't keep a link on the front end site because it's more secure and won't confuse your visitors who are trying to access their listing's dashboard.

'Core' Pages

The 'core' pages are, you guessed it, the core pages of the website. Like the home, about us, & contact page for example.

They're different than the "Landing Pages" to help you keep your lead generating pages organized.

Landing Pages

These pages are going to be the ones that you create with IDX "Hotsheets" (which we'll cover very soon) that will serve as your main lead generation weapons.

Getting these landing pages up and running is just a matter of creating your hotsheet in the Showcase Dashboard and copying and pasting the shortcode in the content editor area.

Blog Posts

Evergreen blog posts should serve as the backbone of your content strategy.

To create a new blog post just click the "Add New" option and you'll be taken to a screen where you can add to, edit and publish your blog post.

Start by entering a short & catchy title in the title area at the top of the page.

Next, write a post intro of a few sentences in the "Post Intro" area for a great way to capture an visitors attention and make them want to read more with a stylized intro.

Next add the content or write the post. Or better yet, hire a content writer to do it at

Once you've written the blog post, the only things left to do are to upload a featured image that will serve as the background for the page title & select a post category.

Once you've done all that hit the blue 'Publish' button to the right of the content editing area.

You can also preview the blog post by clicking the grey "Preview Changes" button above the 'Publish' button.

Pocket Listing Pages

Your new 'Pocket Listing' pages are a great way to build interest for an upcoming listing before it's ready to actually put on the market.

It's super easy to create a new 'Pocket Listing' page and start driving traffic to it to start getting interested buyers.


Be sure to have the seller agree in writing that you are allowed to market the property as a "Pocket Listing".


The process is easier than entering the property into the MLS because of the limited information that you'll put on the landing page.

This causes people to have to reach out to you for this information.


It's been proven time and time again that websites and/or pages that have testimonials convert better every single time.

Think about how often you see testimonials or reviews while your shopping online or considering where to take your business.

With this in mind, we made it super easy for you to add testimonials to your website that are automatically pulled and featured on your testimonials page.

Just add a new testimonial and enter the title, we recommend the name of your client as the title and then the actual review in the area below it.

Click 'Publish' and that's it! You added your first testimonial.

We're working on a feature where your clients can go to a page on your website and leave a testimonial by themselves!


Your Profile

Be sure to complete your profile information sooner than later and load a high quality headshot.

There are quite a few instances where your profile image is used and if you don't have one loaded, you'll be a balloon head.

Don't be a balloon head.

Also be sure to enter a short bio in the author bio area of your profile page.

Facebook Pixel

The Facebook retargeting pixel can be one of your most powerful weapons... if you use it.

The most important thing is to set it up immediately.

The sooner it's setup, the sooner you're tracking precious visitors.

We use an awesome tool called Pixel Caffeine. Just click the "Pixel Caffeine" option at the bottom of your admin menu.

Then you'll see a screen with a big green button that says "SET UP NOW". Just click that button and login to your Facebook account and the plugin will do the rest.


FYI - The pixel plugin will only work if you have a business page setup. If you don't have a business page. Go create a page and then come back to complete the setup.