the best lead magents for real estate agents

The Top 6 Best Lead Magnets For Real Estate Agents & What Makes a Good One

So, all us modern real estate professionals know the importance and value of an email address and we know that we need to be growing our database.

And by now most of us know what a lead magnet is and/or have least been to websites offering something for free in exchange for an email address.

You've seen the ones, the “Get my 10 best closing scripts for FREE just enter your email and I'll send it over!”

These are called “lead magnets” or “freebies” or “items-of-value,” and they are actually ridiculously effective for generating leads and growing your database of emails but a lot of people still get it wrong.

You can’t just make any freebie and expect it to work.

So here's what we'll cover in this article:

  1. What makes a GREAT lead magnet
  2. 6 Perfect Examples of great freebies
  3. BONUS: Lead Gen like it's 2018 with interactive quizzes!

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The Formula For Great Lead Magnets

Making an effective lead magnet is not hard, but it's not necessarily easy either. Although, it is very straightforward; all you have to do is create something that people want and are willing to exchange their email address for it.

So let's break it down, if you want to make a great freebie lead magnet, it's going to need these 3 ingredients.

1. Compelling & Relevant Offer.

The lead magnet must not only be relevant, it must be compelling and almost down-right irresistible (If you want it to really work)

2. GREAT Content.

Your freebie lead magnet is one of the first impressions that your potential clients will have of you. So make it a good one and don’t over-promise and under-deliver.

3. Crystal Clear Messaging.

Make sure your potential lead knows exactly what they're getting and know exactly how to get it.

6 Great Examples of Lead Magnets

These are perfect examples of great freebie/lead magnets that real estate agents can create to start generating leads while building trust with their audience. (Listed in no particular order)

#1. Guide to Buying a Home in 2018

This lead magnet is more “Item of Value” than it is a lead magnet, which is actually why it's such a great freebie when done correctly. As people read your home buying guide, it will position you as that much more of an expert which is one step closer to actually being perceived as an expert and trusted.

Remember, the sales funnel or route that people must take before they do business with you is that they first must know you, then they begin to like you, and then they trust you (where $$$ is made).

#2. Guide to Selling a Home in 2018

If you're a killer listing agent and want to target sellers, this is a great lead magnet for attracting sellers who are thinking of making a move soon. You can actually break this lead magnet down into smaller more specific lead magnets just by taking parts out from your guide.

For example, if there is a chapter in your guide on “Getting Your Home Ready For Showings” then you can take that and turn it into its own lead magnet called “The 10 Steps to Preparing Your Home For Showing Buyers”.

#3. List of Foreclosure Properties

If you want to target investors, creating lists of foreclosure properties and other deals are the best way to create relationships and build your list of potential investors.

An example of another lead magnet for attracting investors that's NOT foreclosures would be, “The Top 10 Investor Deals in [Community Name Here] That ARE NOT Foreclosures”.

You see how I went the exact opposite with that title? At the end of the day, investors want deals and will gladly give their email address for some good deals. So find some good deals, get creative with it and have fun.

#4. List of Homes in [Community] Under $X

This is an easy one to create and attract buyers in your desired price range. Just choose a few neighborhoods, pull out the deals under a certain price point, export as a PDF or save as a hot sheet (if you have an IDX website) and your lead magnet is done.

Since this one is so easy to create, there's no reason you can't pump at least 5-10 out and create ads for each one, if you're looking to target buyers.

#5. List of Homes in [Community] With X Feature

You can get really creative with this type of lead magnet and find the most popular and sought-after features and create a list of these properties to offer as a lead magnet.

The best example would be a making a list of homes with a pool, and if you wanted to take it one step further you could add ‘Under X Amount at The End'.

So that would make it: “Free List of Homes in [Community] With a Pool & Under $X”

#6. Market Analysis Report for [Neighborhood]

This lead magnet is the OG of freebies and still effective for generating both buyers and sellers of a specific geographic area or neighborhood. It works for both buyer and seller leads because if someone is considering buying in a certain neighborhood, they want to know what the market is like and sellers always want to know about their home value.

BONUS: LeadQuizzes

What I'm about to share with you is so fresh that it hasn't been raped and pillaged by the real estate industry yet. So that means that it can still be extremely effective but we don't know for how long…

I'm sure you've seen or taken an online digital ‘viral' type quiz before run by a big corporate brand. Well, what used to only be available to big companies who have huge budgets and teams of programmers to create the quizzes, is now available for as little as $22/mo.

This tool has been an absolute game-changer.

Oh, and they have some awesome pre-made templates especially for real estate agents that you can have up and running on your website or Facebook page in less than 10 minutes.

I liked it so much that I put together a step-by-step tutorial for setting up your first seller lead generating quiz in less than 10 minutes for FREE (LeadQuizzes has a 14-day free trial, which is plenty of time to generate some leads).

Click here, or the link below to check out that free, step-by-step tutorial.

Click Here For a FREE Step-by-Step Tutorial on Creating A Lead Generating Quiz For FREE in Less Than 10 Minutes!

Wrapping Up

When it comes down to creating effective and successful lead magnets is to think about the specific audience that you're trying to attract and then create something that they find relevant and irresistible. Simple as that.

I hope you found this article helpful, and if you did please subscribe and share this with someone might find it valuable as well.


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