Learning to Generate

Seller Leads on Facebook

You don’t have to do it alone — these guides and resources will help you become a top producing Realtor.

If you talk to any homeowner there's always one piece of information they're interested in - their home's worth.

Give them what they want.  Now with free home valuation tools, you don't even have to do any of the legwork up front.

With a hot dog marketing budget and a rock solid follow up plan, you can change the way you attract homeowners.  

Give me 11 minutes and I'll take you through every aspect of using Facebook to generate seller leads using A free pricing tool.

Video 1


First things first, we need a sexy landing page.  BlueCMA is the best tool I've seen for the job.

Not only is it a breeze to navigate, it dishes out some great looking, comprehensive reports.

Video 2


I'm going to guide you through the entire process and I'll do my best to make you have to think as little as possible.

I'm assuming you have a Facebook business page.  If not, you need one for a whole list of reasons - primarily to boost posts and run ads.

Video 3


We're going to build an audience in real time in 2 minutes.  Sounds intense but Facebook really does make it that easy.

This is the foundation for building a hand picked seller pool.

Video 4


Social media is one of the most cost effective ways to grow your brand.  Although you can run an ad for as little as $5, be bold with your budget and track your results.

Keep in mind there's a dance between budget and audience.  Make sure you're ad spend is high enough to saturate your audience.

Video 5


You have two opportunities to grab people's attention - the image and the headline/text.  It may take some testing to see what gets people clicking but there are some basics to follow.

Since I love you so much, I cooked up two images for inspiration. I'll even give you some one liners.

The Script


We all know the money's in the follow-up.  Here's a proven script to point you in the right direction.

Download the Script Cheatsheet

You  get one first impression so make it good.

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