Running an $88 Million Dollar Real Estate Team with Alex Rezende – EP 005

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When I scheduled this interview I had no idea the story behind the top producer. Alex's success story is a truly amazing and inspiring one. Listen in as he shares his version of the American dream and how real estate helped him do it.

Meet Alex Rezende

Alex Rezende is a top producing mega-agent/team leader turned broker after buyer ownership in RE/MAX Pioneers in Cypress, TX. He's built an incredible business that consistently ranks in the top team in Texas and Houston for total sales and closed volume.

With team numbers of $88 million you're probably thinking, “I bet he's got a huge team”. Well usually I would agree with you too, but in this case, we would both be wrong.

Alex accomplished those monstrous numbers with just a team of 6 agents & admin TOTAL.

He credits a hardcore work ethic and some serious marketing strategies like geographic farming for his beastly results.

Listen in as he breaks down just how he manages to close $44 million in personal production, manage a team that does another $44 million as well as runs a successful brokerage.

Show Notes

  • 1:00 — How He Became ‘The New Home Dude'
  • 4:46 — Building Your Business During A Recession
  • 6:08 — The Leap to Becoming a Broker/Owner
  • 8:00 — His Unique Team Business Model
  • 10:24 — Hire Talent Over Everything
  • 12:00 — Running a Team & While Selling
  • 14:03 — “You can't grow unless you let go.”
  • 15:25 — Alex's New Home Strategy
  • 19:35 — Neighborhood Double-Down Pro Tip
  • 20:20 — The truth about open houses
  • 24:05 — The story of Alex Rezende
  • 27:30 — 50% New Home Transactions
  • 28:40 — $88 Million in 2016 Team Production
  • 30:25 — First & Foremost serve current clients
  • 32:30 — The CRMs and Technology
  • 35:10 — Alex's Secrets to Success
  • 36:25 — A Day in The Life of Alex Rezende
  • 41:38 — Always, always, always Buyer Consultation
  • 43:30 — Use the Law of Attraction Choose Your Business
  • 45:15 — More Open Houses Than Agents
  • 48:00 — Handling Team Troubles
  • 53:00 — Time Management Pro-Tips
  • 55:35 — Hobbies That Pay Big
  • 59:05 — Investing in Your Clients
  • 1:01:50 — Past Client Giveaways
  • 1:02:50 — Message to New Agents
  • 1:05:15 — What's next for Alex
  • 1:07:28 — The Impact of Selling Real Estate

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Special thanks to Alex for joining me this week. Until next time!

Today's Guest

Alex Rezende

Listen as Alex shares his story on his journey to building a super-productive real estate team that will close over $88 million in total volume with only 6 agents.


The Scoreboard
  • $34 Million in 2017 Personal Production.
  • $44 Million in 2016 Personal Production.
  • $88 Million in Team Production in 2016.
  • Average of 140 Clients Under Contract at One-Time.
  • 2017 Greater Houston Builders Association Realtor of The Year.
Key Takeaways
  1.  Remember, you have to let go to grow.
  2. Knowledge is power and you must seek it out.
  3. Never stop investing on your clients & past clients.

FollowUpBoss — The CRM Alex’s team uses to track all of their leads.

BackAgent — Transaction management & compliance software.

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent — The undisputed real estate agent bible.


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