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About the show


The CompleteAgent brand was built to provide value and resources to real estate professionals.

CompleteAgent consists of 3 main parts:

  1. The CompleteAgent Show Podcast - a weekly audio & video podcast where we interview top producing real estate professionals on the strategies and systems that make them successful.
  2. The CompleteAgent blog features advice, tech tips, tutorials, webinars and product/service reviews.
  3. The #AskAdam Show - a daily 5-15 min format audio & video podcast where Adam answers real questions submitted by listeners.

About the audience


Tech savvy and highly active real estate professionals who are active in the industry and resourceful.

From new millennial agents to top producing team leaders, the listeners of The CompleteAgent Podcast are people who seek new information and take action.

The top age range of our podcast listeners is 25-34 years old.

Podcast listeners on average earn more than $15,000 more per year than people who don't listen to podcasts.

Basically, these are the cream of the crop. People you want.

People are listening


The power of podcasting is growing every year.

  • 71% of Podcast listeners visit a sponsors website.
  • 46% purchased a product after hearing an ad
  • 37% have used a promotional code
  • 67% of podcast listeners listen in their car
  • 2010 23% Listeners 46% in 2016.
  • Awareness has doubled

Your ads live forever


With Podcasts, your audience is engaged & TARGETED with a guaranteed reach.

The audience also knows, likes & trusts the hosts of CompleteAgent, and when they recommend a product or service, they listen & take action.

The biggest reason is that your sponsorship lives on forever- Real estate professionals are finding out about CompleteAgent daily and going back and listening to every episode.

This means your sponsorship is constantly being heard by new ears, long after it first went live.

As the podcast grows, you'll always get more listens than what you're paying for.

Your message is evergreen because it lives on forever long after it goes live.

Sole sponsorship, your message will be the only one presented on a single episode.

How it works


  • A professional live read from the main show host(s) that is seamless and integrated into the episode.
  • A featured spot on EVERY show notes page of EVERY episode you sponsor.
  • A place on our SPONSORS page that is on the CompleteAgent show website.
  • Audio & Video only "live read" advertisements provided by the sponsor
  • Ads in our show’s email newsletter
  • In depth blog post reviews of sponsor products or services
  • Contests and giveaways with prizes sponsored by an advertiser
  • Specific show "segments" that are "brought to you by" a sponsor are available.

Let's talk numbers


Pricing is based on CPM - cost per 1,000 impressions.


  • 30 Second Promotion
  • $18 per 1,000 CPM


  • 60 Second Promotion
  • $30 per 1,000 CPM

CompleteAgent can guarantee over 10,000 CPM per episode based on the stats of our previous podcast stats.

1 Sponsorship = 1 Pre-Roll + 1 Mid-Roll

($18 x 10 = $180) + ($30 x 10 = $300) = $480

The total investment per episode will never be more than $430 even if your episode goes viral and gets 1 million listens.

You pay the same price.

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