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How to Maximize Your Time & Productivity With a Perfect Daily Schedule


Relax, the picture above is just an example of what my PDS looked like for quite a while and is only meant to serve as inspiration for what kind of Realtor you want to be.

I say “what kind of Realtor” because if you're gonna be a prospecting based agent who hits the phones for hours a day, then your PDS would definitely include a few hours of hardcore prospecting.

This is in comparison to an agent who wants to take a referral-based approach. That agent's schedule should have a lot more lunches and networking events in there vs the prospecting based agent's calendar.

Creating and implementing a PDS or Perfect Daily Schedule is seriously life-changing. Ever since I was introduced to the PDS, my quality of life has improved 10x fold in so many ways.

Control your calendar or someone else will…

I Wish You Had More Time

The idea behind the Perfect Daily Schedule is that by planning and knowing what you have to do at all times you'll stay highly productive and ensure that you waste minimal time throughout your day.

The first thing that you're going to do is create a list of all of the things that you need to do and want to do during the week.

Everything must be on that list, including all of the personal responsibilities you may have. Use the list below for inspiration to create yours.

Example Priorities

Now everyone's priorities and PDS are of course going to look different. Here are some examples of priorities you can use for your perfect daily schedule.

  • Lead Generating
  • Follow Up
  • Working Out
  • Admin Duties
  • Showings
  • Listing Appointments
  • Family Time
  • Date Night (Don't forget about this one)

Once you've built out your list, let's build out the daily framework you need to accomplish your goals.

For example, you might find that to accomplish all that you want to do during a day, you'll most likely to need to wake up just a wee bit earlier. OK, so a lot earlier but don't worry waking up early is good for you!

The Framework

So now let's get out your phone and open up the calendar app that you're most comfortable.

Everyone's week is gonna look different but the key point is to schedule a recurring appointment in your calendar that automatically reminds you what you need to be doing at that moment every day.


Rules to Live By

  • Create actual recurring appointments in your online calendar for everything in your PDS.
  • Use GoogleVoice to transcribe voicemails.
  • Keep your desk clean and your inbox at inbox zero.
  • Work out daily and eat the right foods, you'll feel better.
  • Eat Right 6 Days a Week.

Take control of your schedule and your life!

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