Millennial Fatherhood: From Laid Off to Six Figure Agent With Andy Wydler – EP 004

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Andy Wydler is a millennial real estate agent based out of Houston, TX with RE/MAX Real Estate Associates. He's in his 2nd full year and he has already beat his 1st year's production of $100,000 in gross commission income in only 9 months.

Meet Andy Wydler

Listen in as Andy Wydler shares his story of going from getting laid off from his job in the middle of his girlfriend's pregnancy to grossing over $50,000 in his first 6 months and then going on to make over $100k in his first full year.

Not only is he a great real estate agent, but he's also a great dad that has designed his business around being there for his kids and is truly a perfect example of a #CompleteAgent.

Show Notes

  • 1:31 — Juggling Real Estate & Fatherhood
  • 5:00 — Why you should check the MLS more than Facebook
  • 6:10 — The Power of Having an Investor List
  • 8:50 — Andy's Experience Working For An Asset Manager
  • 13:45 — Getting Laid Off When Your Wife is Pregnant
  • 15:30 — With Good Service Comes Referrals
  • 17:20 — Social Proof That Actually Works
  • 18:55 — Seller Lead Generation on a Moped
  • 26:00 — That Point in a FSBO's Life
  • 28:45 — You Have To Do Your Homework
  • 30:20 — Listings Are Cool, but Buyers Are Gold
  • 37:10 — You Don't Have to Make a Killing
  • 39:55 — Treat Everyone The Same
  • 45:00 — Andy's Secrets to Success
  • 47:50 — You Make Your Money When You Buy
  • 48:10 — The Missing Link in Developments & Flips
  • 54:45 — The Real Estate Agents 401k
  • 56:00 — Andy's First and Worst Job
  • 56:45 — What He Would Say To A New Agent
  • 58:30 — Always Talk To The Neighbors
  • 59:15 — Why Andy Keeps It Casual

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Special thanks to Andy for joining me this week. Until next time!

Today's Guest

Andy Wydler

Listen to Andy share his story and strategies on how he made over $100,000 in GCI his first year selling real estate, while also being a new full-time dad.


The Scoreboard

First 6 months as a licensed agent he grossed over $60k in commission.

Second year in business grossed over $100k in 9 months.

Key Takeaways

How and why you should build an investor list.

How getting laid off with a pregnant wife turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

A For Sale By Owner strategy that only takes a couple of hours each Saturday, oh and a moped.

Why you should treat every single lead equally.


Andy is a rare breed of millennial that likes to keep it old school and is addicted to spreadsheets.

He uses Google Sheets for all of his lead, seller and buyer pipeline tracking.


RE/MAX Real Estate Associates

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