Actionable and creative marketing help from Adam

Each video call is 2 hours of value-packed action to solve your marketing, design and web problems.

How can I help?

People use the video call in countless ways, from having me design a tiny version of a brand to planning a marketing launch.

Micro Brand

Let’s design your logo, colors, fonts and vibe together.

Freelance Marketing

From positioning to diversification, we’ll elaborate your strategy

Landing Pages

I build landing pages all the time, we can build yours fast.

WordPress Help

Get the benefits of my years of learning in minutes.

“I was completely lost and overwhelmed with marketing strategy and where to focus. We spent four hours and it was just amazing. Adam's ideas and strategies are just brilliant. Adam, thank you once again."

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Jasmine Gonzalez
RE/MAX Top Producer

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Meet Adam. Hi Adam.

Hi. Nice to meet you. The CompleteAgent Helpline is like consulting on steroids. I help agents and real estate pros with marketing, operations, processes, creative problems and even web tools in these intense 2h calls. Sometimes I’ll prototype something, fix bugs or just talk to get others unstuck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why 2 hours?

1 hour is not enough, 3 hours is exhausting. 2 hours is good. If our call takes more than 2 hours then that's OK, as long it's reasonable. If we finish before 2h then that's fine too. If needed, we can have another call.

What do I need to prepare?

You can send text, images or anything you think would be useful beforehand to [email protected].

Why $300?

I share and add a lot of value in 2 hours, paying for it is a way to say thank you. The price changes from time to time based on my availabilities.

Where will the call happen?

On Zoom. It's the most reliable video conferencing tool. And it allows me to share my screen and scribble simultaneously. It also makes it simple to record our conversation.

Can I record the call?

Absolutely. Recorded call is included. This way you don't have to focus on taking notes.

What if I'm not happy with the call?

I'll refund you entirely. That's it.

Anything else I should know?

Let's not overthink it. Let's get to know each other, have a good time and get sh*t done. I love these calls. People I've helped love'em too.


Actionable and creative marketing help from Adam by Adam