FREE Geo Farming Mini-Course

Learn step-by-step how to break into and jumpstart a geographic farm area in just 4 weeks with 4 actionable email lessons, FREE!

This FREE mini-course walks you through step-by-step breaking into any geographic farm area.

4 Weeks   •  4 Email Lessons   •   Free Templates & More   •  Bonus Material Content

You'll learn exactly how to break into any farm area and become the go-to agent.

In this course, we'll walk you through every step of the way of choosing your farm area and executing a farm strategy step-by-step.

When geographic farming is done correctly, utilizing technology like personalized landing pages, community Facebook pages, and automated postcards, you'll get better results faster.

It doesn't stop after the course is up either, we'll also email you timely reminders for marketing opportunities throughout the year with templates, files and even pre-written content, ready for you to copy and paste.

Week 1: Choosing The Right Area

First, we'll cover what data to look for in a farm to make the most educated decision about where you will choose to be spending your marketing investment and time.

Week 2: Creating a Smart Database

In the second, I'll walk you through creating a smart master database that includes a custom Facebook audience allowing you retarget your prospects online.

Week 3: Direct Mail That Works

And in the third, you'll learn about the only direct mail that's worth sending, with ready-to-use templates included.

Week 4: Online Presence

And in the fourth, we'll cover gaining traction fast by building authority using an online and offline approach in your farm area.

This FREE mini-course walk you through breaking into a geographic farm area.

4 Weeks   •  4 Email Lessons   •   Free Templates & More   •  Bonus Material Content

“I've tried farming before and failed. This course broke everything down and made it so easy to follow and execute."

~ Monica Guy, RE/MAX Real Estate Agent