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The 3 Secret Ingredients to Geographic Farming Domination

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Adam Yera - Host of The CompleteAgent Podcast

Live w/Adam Yera

May 3rd @11AM CST


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Secret #1

How to Generate More Quality Leads From One Open House Then You Can In A MONTH on Facebook

Secret #2

How to Build Your Farm WITHOUT having to cold call or cold door knock the entire neighborhood

Secret #3

How to Dominate Your Geographic Farm With a Marketing Budget of $1/Per House Per Month

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Full Disclosure:

In the interests of full disclosure… There will be an offer at the end of the training. This offer is simply for people who want to work more closely with me and my team on implementing what you learn in the training.

It’s how we offer support to help you navigate through the small details of all the moving parts that make up a successful geographic farming strategy and get results faster.

This is NOT necessary. NOTHING will be held back in the training!

You can use what you learn on your own WITHOUT buying anything…

So if you’d like to see behind the scenes of a geographic farming system that is consistently getting my agents listings month after month.... Then register above.

~Adam Yera

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Founder & CEO of CompleteAgent Inc.