EP 001: Introduction | Show Formalities | What to Expect

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The CompleteAgent team is proud to officially launch the first episode of The CompleteAgent Podcast, where our only goal is to help you reach yours. Let's do this!

The CompleteAgent Podcast

It’s here! The first session of The CompleteAgent Podcast, or as we like to call it: CompleteAgent.FM

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Since this is our first session together, we'll spend a little bit of time introducing ourselves and how we define a “CompleteAgent” based on business and lifestyle. Also, I go over the formalities of the show and what to expect from future sessions.

Future shows will have a structured format, and a lot of them will include special guests.

Special information about the episode such as items mentioned during the session and action items will usually included here on the CompleteAgent blog, as well as a transcript of the episode.

Once iTunes has approved the show, I’ll provide you with an iTunes feed for the podcast only. Additionally, you can also subscribe to the blog and get all of my material (blog posts and podcast) by clicking here.

Today's Guest

Adam Yera & Spencer Logan
CompleteAgent Inc.

The Scoreboard

Adam Yera has over 10 years of real-world experience of selling real estate and has won numerous production awards.

Spencer Logan is a marketing and tech maestro with a passion for teaching others.

Key Takeaways

In this episode you’ll learn what to expect overall from the podcast, the format, and be introduced to your hosts.


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