EP 003: Using Tech & Storytelling to Build a Brand That Sells

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In this episode, I sat down with a local millennial agent who has been blowing my mind with how he uses SnapChat, Instagram and Facebook to create stunning content.

Meet Daniel Martinez

Listen in as Daniel Martinez of HOU Properties breaks down the systems and strategies that he's used to build his brand from scratch and generate business organically.

Daniel has mastered using Snapchat, Instagram and video content altogether and he's he to share exactly how he does it.

If you're anything like me, you're always looking for new and innovative ways to build your business and differentiate yourself from the competition.

This episode is stock full of fresh marketing goodies. Enjoy!

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Special thanks to Daniel for joining me this week. Until next time!

Today's Guest

Daniel Martinez

Listen to Daniel share his story and learn the specific strategies he’s used to build multiple profitable businesses on top of selling over 30+ homes in 2016.





The Scoreboard
Key Takeaways

How he created a Snapchat segment called “Saturday Showings” to land a $600k client.

How he approaches local businesses to create organic content that locals care about.

What CRM Daniel uses to keep a close eye on his warmest clients.

How he manages his time to run multiple businesses and still close 30+ transactions.


Daniel uses Top Producer as his CRM but admits he hates it. We recommend Contactually, because, well it’s awesome.


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