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How I turned $500 worth of direct mail into $30,000 of commissions in 30 days

It takes a long time to get results from geographic farming.

You've heard that before right?

Well, it's a lie.

I personally proved it by turning $500 worth of direct mail into two $15,000 commission checks, within 30 days my very first time.

Have you ever seen those ugly direct mail postcards that most Realtors send?

Well, those are just one piece of the puzzle...

What if there was a proven formula you could follow to grow your market share in a specific neighborhood or geographic area?

50% market share: No problem.

$10,000 Come list me calls: Yup!

Becoming the go-to agent for a neighborhood: Absolutely.

Contrary to what you might think there are plug-and-play formulas for reaching these goals.

Repeatable and scalable formulas and strategies. They aren’t complicated. But they are expensive and hard to find.

My name is Adam Yera and I am the founder of CompleteAgent.

At CompleteAgent we reverse engineer and test 100s of growth strategies per year. Then we turn the most effective strategies into detailed step-by-step instructions and case studies for you, the everyday real estate agent.

Step 1: We research and test everything.

Step 2: You get the best strategies.

For example…

Last month we found one new neighborhood website traffic formula. We set it up and a week later it produced a 25% increase in organic search traffic.

Since then, it has generated a total of 152 new leads, 2 contracts, and over 50+ engaged prospects now in the pipeline.

The best part?

The formula isn’t hard. It’s not complicated. But if you don’t constantly research and test new things you’ll miss out on strategies like this that can easily grow your market share.

That’s why we’re here.

Every month we email new growth strategies.

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