2017 year in review completeagent

2017 Year in Review: What Went Well, What Didn’t & The Plan For Next Year

By Adam Yera | December 28

1. What went well? 2. What didn’t go well? 3. What’s the plan for next year? I want to be able to look back on my year’s in review articles and not depend on my memory to help me remember how far we’ve come. That’s why I want you to write your own ‘Year in […]

perfect daily schedule

How to Maximize Your Time & Productivity With a Perfect Daily Schedule

By Adam Yera | December 6

  Relax, the picture above is just an example of what my PDS looked like for quite a while and is only meant to serve as inspiration for what kind of Realtor you want to be. I say “what kind of Realtor” because if you’re gonna be a prospecting based agent who hits the phones for […]

read this for motivation

If You Need Some Motivation Right Now, Read This IMMEDIATELY

By Adam Yera | December 5

Prepare yourself. I want to warn you that I’m going to swear and yell at you a little in this post but it’s for your own good. Desperate times call for desperate measures. You said you needed some motivation and I’m going to do what needs to be done to get your ass in gear. […]

Sales Prevention Strategy

Why Asking For Pre-Approvals is Like Going For A Kiss Before the 1st Date & What To Do Instead

By Adam Yera | December 2

One of the very first pieces of “advice” I received regarding working with home buyers, which you’ve also most likely have been told too is: “No mortgage pre-approval letter, no showings.” That’s how a lot of realtors operate their business or at least try to. We’ve all heard of this practice and we all feel […]

28 things top producing real estate agents wish they knew when they first started

28 Things Top Producers Wish They Knew When They Started Selling Real Estate

By Adam Yera | November 27

One topic that comes up over and over again with both of those groups is things that they wish they had known when they first started selling real estate. How they would’ve done all of these things differently but I try to explain that it’s kinda part of the journey. You have to really experience […]