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The current state of real estate is rough. Everyone and their mom seems to be an agent or at least know one. Differentiating yourself and providing value gets a little tougher each month.

Selling real estate is also one of the coolest and most lucrative jobs that almost anyone can get into. It's one of the only careers where your income is a direct reflection of the work you put in.

It's an awesome career that happens to have a 90% failure rate within the first 2 years. That means 9 out of 10 new agents won't be selling real estate after 24 months.

That's a crazy high number and we hate seeing new Realtors fail.

That's why we created CompleteAgent.

CompleteAgent is a resource run by me, Adam Yera and my partner Spencer Logan to teach you strategies that we know work because we use them in our own business.

After a decade of experience selling on top of running a $100 million dollar per year real estate brokerage, we know what works and we're here to share it with you.

Danielson had Mr. Miyagi;
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had Splinter;
Neo had Morpheus;
and you've got us. ????

Adam Yera
Founder & CEO
CompleteAgent Inc.

What We Make

Weekly Articles

We publish thoughtful and actionable articles every Tuesday on everything from marketing, lead generation, branding, social media and more for the modern real estate agent.

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Weekly Podcast

"I love the insightful and actionable advice!" is common feedback we hear about our podcast. Every week we interview either a top producing real estate agent or a rookie on his way there, and ask them all the questions you wish you could.

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We make short and meaty guides to help real estate agents close more deals while working smarter, not harder. We release new guides occasionally, so get on the email list to be notified (at the bottom of the page)

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Who We Are

Adam Yera - Host of The CompleteAgent Podcast

Adam Yera is CompleteAgent's fearless leader and CEO. After nearly a decade as a top producer and running a $100 million dollar brokerage, he co-founded CompleteAgent, bringing his experience to agents everywhere.

Adam is also a compelling and captivating keynote speaker & trainer. To find out more about Adam's speaking style and availability, visit our Hire Adam to Speak page.

spencer logan

Spencer Logan is CompleteAgent's Director of Content. After gaining experience at Apple, Spencer found his calling helping agents work smarter. An avid musician, he has amassed a collection of over 30 instruments and is always down to jam.

His mantra is "Create Everyday" and whether it's music or a guide to targeting buyers on Facebook, he lives by it.

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