7 Reasons to Hire Professionals to Handle Your Facebook Advertising

The value of having an outside company handling your paid advertising lies in the ability for them to achieve better results with Facebook campaigns than you or someone on team would be able to achieve.

Whenever I sit down with one of my agents or to any realtor I know, I usually ask them about their business and of course, their marketing strategy.

The most common recurring theme I'm seeing is that agents are simply doing too much. As the consummate entrepreneur, Realtors just have to take care of a lot of things and are natural problem solvers.

Another recurring theme I saw was that the agents that were killing it and closing deals were the ones that are leveraging their resources aka time and money.

They all had outsourced their marketing that let them all focus on one thing and one thing only: Converting leads.

The other agents that were doing their own marketing were wasting time and money getting little to no results.

I want to save you from that same fate and share 7 reasons that I think some agents like yourself should hire professionals to do their marketing and Facebook ads management.

1. Experience

Most marketers and especially the good ones have been working on the Facebook platform since it was first introduced and is continually learning and training to stay ahead of the competition.

How do I put this… They've just got skills.

The best marketing teams include members with varied backgrounds and skill sets to deliver the highest quality results to their clients. It's like having your own internal marketing team, that consists of graphic designers, web developers, sales copywriters, and internet marketers.

2. No Learning Curve

They live and breathe Facebook Advertising. That's the only way to really stay ahead of trends before they end up costing you lost revenue when you realize after it's too late and when you're a beginner you might never realize it.

Learning the Facebook Advertising Platform is no easy task and never really ends.

Sure you can take courses and learn but for every minute that you're not doing income producing activities is one minute that's wasted. Then throw the money that you're spending on ads on top of that and you're definitely losing money.

3. Turn-Key

Realtors are busy and I can personally attest to that. I was a Realtor for almost 10 years and I know that time is money.

When you hire a marketing company to do your Facebook management, it allows you to focus on money-making activities.

4. Quick Results

We can't emphasize this enough. Marketers know what works and what doesn't.

Online marketing is just as much a science as it is an art, and that makes it complicated. What worked yesterday is likely not going to work tomorrow and it's expensive and time intensive to stay in the know of marketing trends.

Marketers know exactly what types of ads, copywriting, images and lead funnels work for specific goals and audiences. This knowledge could take you months and thousands of dollars in wasted ad spend to learn.

5. The Cost Issue

When you hire a marketing agency, you're essentially getting a team of people with various skills and expertise for the usually less than 50% of what it would cost to hire just one marketing person.

Hiring people is expensive. You have the recruiting, interviewing and then training before you even start to see an ROI.

Even if you just hire one jack-of-all-trades marketer, the going rate on the low-end is $2,500/mo.

That's $30k a year before your ad-spend budget.

6. The Turnover Situation

Then you have the turnover issue. What if that person leaves? And then goes to a competitor? They'll take all of that inside scoop and expertise with them.

Then you have the job of finding, interviewing and hiring someone which is another job all on its own.

7. Strategic Agility

This really means that it is the marketing companies business to adapt to the constantly evolving ad ecosystem.

Have we convinced you yet?

If you're thinking of hiring a marketing company to manage your Facebook ads, we recommend Top Flight Agent, a Houston based marketing agency that specializes in generating leads for real estate agents just like you.

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Adam Yera
Marketing Director Rovinn Labs | Co-Founder CompleteAgent Inc. | Managing Partner RE/MAX Real Estate Associates