5 rules to live by to be a top producing realtor in 2018

The 5 Rules to Live By to Be A Top Producing Real Estate Agent in 2018

When there are shiny new apps being released every week, all promising a new way to auto-magically generate business, it's really refreshing for me to know that success in 2018 will be all about the basics.

After countless interviews with successful top producing agents, we're convinced that success really does come down to the fundamentals.

Here are the 5 rules to live by to be a top producing real estate agent in 2018 (+1 bonus pro tip that you really should consider):

1) Use a CRM Religiously.

And don’t just pick the cheapest one, your CRM should be the backbone of your sales business. You need a bad-ass one that stays up to date with industry best practices, has all the features you need, and is one that you'll actually like to use.

Using a CRM can and will change your business if you start using it consistently. It's amazing how fast you will watch your database fill up and it will feel especially cool when those first leads turn into contracts after just a little follow up that your CRM basically did for you.

If you’re already using a CRM, it may be a good time to do a database audit to revive some old leads and generate some new business. If you don’t have a CRM yet, be sure to read our guide on CRM’s for Real Estate Agents, for help choosing the right CRM for you.

2) Have a Beautiful & Responsive Website.

Sure you probably have a website but when’s the last time you checked it out?

Have you viewed it on your phone? Do it right now and come back here. Are you proud of your website and most importantly, would you hire you based off of your website if you were a prospective client?

The answer is usually no. Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone.

Most agents only use a broker or MLS provided website that they really have no control over, which means you’re not in control of your biggest online presence.

One of the first things I have new agents do when starting to build their online presence is to purchase their domain name.

The preferred first choice should be:

Ex: adamyera.com

However I know that this can be really tough if you have a more common name, but that’s why I said it’s the first choice. Do a little testing and see what’s the best option that’s available and buy it ASAP then forward the domain to your website.

Hate your website? Let us set you up a WordPress site for FREE with a proven design and everything you need to build your own real estate website and start generating leads on your own.

3) Treat Your Clients Like Gold

Work on achieving a Wow Client Experience. Wow = a never-ending series of small pleasant surprises.

If you don't treat your client like gold, someone else will.

In today’s world, the client experience is the last differentiating competitive advantage that actually levels the playing field for all businesses.

4) Design is Everything

Hire a pro to put together a professional branding package so you don't have to make decisions when it comes to colors and fonts.

All of your materials and advertising should look professionally designed and top quality.

5) Get Comfortable Shooting Video

It's no secret that video is taking over the internet and social media. You can already see just by scrolling down your Facebook feed that it mostly consists of videos.

Google said that by 2020, 90% of the content consumed on the internet will be video.

If a picture says a thousand words then a video must say a ton more.

So get comfortable and knowledgeable on recording videos even if it's just on your smartphone. For a great guide to getting started with video marketing complete with ideas for you to get started, click the link below.

The Realtor's Guide to Video Marketing

Bonus: Start a Monthly Email Newsletter

A newsletter will help build your personal brand and connect with your audience.

I’ll be the first to admit that 95% of newsletters straight up suck.

They’re the same ol' design with the same apple pie recipes and gardening tips that no one cares about.

But it’s actually a good thing that most newsletters are lacking because it gives you the opportunity to stand out and create a newsletter that people actually look forward to seeing in their inbox.

Newsletters done right can change your business. Imagine the impact if, for example, one of your newsletters went viral because of how awesome and/or funny it was.

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Adam Yera
Marketing Director Rovinn Labs | Co-Founder CompleteAgent Inc. | Managing Partner RE/MAX Real Estate Associates

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