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The 5 Day Follow Up Plan That Actually Works, and You Won’t Hate

Most agents don't have lead generation problems, they have lead conversion problems that comes from not having a solid follow up plan in place. Learn a simple and easy to implement proven 5 day follow up plan for online leads.

5 Day Online Lead Follow Up Plan

If you don't have an online lead follow up plan, you're leaving money on the table and definitely not providing a WOW client experience. Stop improvising and implement this easy to follow 5 day follow up plan to see your business start booming.

Day 1 – Action Plan

Once you receive a lead from anywhere, call them within 5 minutes. If you can have the information your lead requested, and more that's a bonus but never let it stop you from calling them as fast as possible.

The goal is wow them with your response speed.

  1. Make an introductory call if you have the phone number – Always leave a voicemail and set expectatiforwith the potential client. Answer in full the question they initially asked, then address any other specific questions they have. Let them know when and in what format they can expect to receive any subsequent materials. Now is your chance to show them you’re the expert agent they need; go above and beyond!
  2. Send a follow-up video email – Every email that comes in should get a video email so the prospect can put a face to the name. I recommend BombBomb for this, the app so good that they named it twice.
  3. Give a wow experience –  First & foremost, give your incoming leads what they want! Then strive to provide a wow experience, aka a series of pleasant surprises.

Scripts to Use:

“Hi, thanks so much for visiting my website. We help our clients buy the right home at the right price with the right terms in the right timeframe and we'd be honored to help you do the same. Call me back or send me a text at xxx-xxx-xxxx.”

Day 2 – Follow Up

Keep working the leads and follow up. Now’s the time to stay top of mind with real estate leads by continuing to send and share valuable materials that are related to their home buying or selling process.

  1. Call, text, and email – between 8-10am and then again between 4-6pm, if you don't reach them in the morning.
  2. Mail a handwritten note – The personal touch of a handwritten thank you note is part of delivering a wow experience.
  3. Email an item of value – For buyers, look closely at listings they showed interest in then send at least three recommended listings that fit that criteria. It shows your attention to detail and that you're proactively already working for them.

Day 3 – Differentiate

Follow up is key but differentiation is the name of the game. Consistently following up by itself will already separate you from the pack since most agents only reach out once or twice.

  1. Call, text and email – Do this again just like day 2, once in the morning and then again in the afternoon if you haven't talked to them.

Scripts to Use: “Are you still interested in buying/selling this year?”

Day 5 – Going Forward

  1. Call, text, and email – Again in the morning and then once again in the evening.
  2. Add the lead to a listing-alert email – If you've asked the right questions and know what your leads are looking for then add them to a listing-alert email so they’re the first to know about listings that fit their criteria.
  3. Setup lead in nurturing campaign – Put the lead on a drip or nurturing campaign in your CRM (Contact Relationship Manager) to stay in touch by sending helpful information on a consistent basis.

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