Nobody wants to be sold to.  To truly establish a meaningful connection, you have to come from contribution.

Flex your industry knowledge and organically attract leads by arming them with irresistible information.

Create an item of value and leverage Facebook to dangle the carrot in front of thousands of targeted homeowners.

We've done the research and are going to show you the two easiest ways to get it done.

With a bit of work up front, you can change the way you generate seller leads.  Have owners willingly trade their info for the content you can provide.

Get a FREE, branded seller guide and check out a few items we created.

You do real estate.  You're a pro.  Take what you know and put it on paper.

That content is gold and can be recycled and repurposed countless times.  Here are some resources and best practices.

Target thousands of hand picked homeowners in minutes.

We'll cover the essentials and I'll even pepper in a few hyper specific demographics.

Be bold with your budget and track your results.

Keep in mind there's a dance between budget and audience. Make sure your ad spend is high enough to saturate your audience.

Facebook wants their ads to be successful.  In fact, they do everything in their power to make sure your ad is a hit.

Lead ads have a built in lead capturing tool that helps you to capture info without the need for a landing page.

To take the easiest route possible, this site gives you an editable seasonal seller guide with a built in lead capturing tool.

Although this may be easy, specificity always wins over generic material.  It's well worth the effort to feed your brand original content.

Great looking, branded content designed to share on social media.

Free trial and very reasonably priced.


This is the free site I used to cook up the two images below.  A simple yet powerful tool with tons of inspiration.

Make sure you use the template specific to Facebook ads (not the one for a post).

Can't get the creative juices flowing?  Call in reinforcements.

Have them design your hero image for as little as $5 a job.


Thanks a bunch for checking this out.  It means a lot.

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Enjoy! Don't be shy if you have any questions.