Overpricing listing strategy

Overpriced Listings: The Only Time You Should Take Them (+ the perfect script)

By Adam Yera | April 18

So you get the listing appointment, work your charm, present your case, and even after all the data the seller wants to knowingly overprice their home. What do you do? Do you take it? Is it worth the stress and blemish on your reputation? Before you bail, know there’s a solution that’s a win for […]

5 Step FSBO Follow Up Method

The 5 Step Follow Up Method For Turning FSBOs Into Listings

By Adam Yera | January 2

Why Are FSBOs Awesome? Because 100% of FSBOs have an immediate desire to sell their home. They’re practically raising their hands for help. This on top of the fact that are 5 possible sources of income that come from FSBO relationships, making it one of the best lead generation sources. FSBO Sources of Income Sell […]

open house guide

The Modern Realtor’s Guide to Holding Open Houses (That Actually Work)

By Adam Yera | December 14

How I Know Open Houses Work Being in the business since high school, I’ve always somewhat known the power of holding open houses but I didn’t really respect them. That didn’t happen for at least 2 years. Up until the big a-ha moment, I mainly did open houses to please my sellers but I pretty much […]

The Total Newbie’s Introduction to a Real Estate Comparative Market Analysis

By Spencer Logan | December 13

A CMA is a Comparative Market Analysis – an evaluation of recently SOLD homes similar in size condition, age, and style (called comparables). This is used to determine the current fair market value when listing a home or making an offer. A solid CMA can make or break a deal, but keep in mind it’s […]

10 things you must do after listing a home

10 Things You Absolutely Must Do After Listing a Home That You’re Probably Not

By Adam Yera | November 8

Each and every listing that you take is an opportunity to gain more new business (or lose business). Listings are the equivalent of billboards for your business.

the realtors complete guide to geographic farming

Geographic Farming: The Top Producer’s Secret to Neighborhood Domination

By Adam Yera | October 31

I’ll walk you through each step in how to plan and launch a new neighborhood geographic farming strategy, from how to choose your target neighborhood to fresh ideas for creating a buzz and getting results fast.

8 Steps to Make Your Listing Descriptions Irresistible. And Not Cheesy.

By Spencer Logan | October 23

Not only is a lively property description good for your seller, it’s guaranteed to get people listing with you. It shows you’re creative, passionate about your career, and outside of ordinary.

Aside from sexy listing photos, a colorful property description is your most powerful marketing tool. Let the buyer’s imagination run wild and have them envisioning themselves living in the home before they even see it.